The CFA exam registration portal is located on the CFA Institute official website. Applicants need to log in to the CFA Institute website within the official time limit and complete the registration process according to the relevant prompts. So, where is the location of the 2024 CFA registration official website? Today, my senior sister will come to provide you with unified answers. Let's take a look together~
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一、 2024 CFA Exam Registration Entry
The CFA exam registration portal is available on the CFA Institute website at: Students who plan to register for the CFA exam need to open the CFA Institute official website within the specified time, click on "Log In" in the upper right corner of the homepage, enter their email account and password to log in to the registration system, and then complete the exam registration work according to the system prompts.

二、 How to register for the CFA Level 1 exam?
The process of registering for the CFA Level 1 exam can be mainly divided into two parts: account registration and seat selection, which are:
1. Account registration process
(1) Enter the official website of the CFA Association (website) )Click 'Log in' to log in to the account;
(2) Fill in your personal email address and then click 'Continue';
(3) Enter the password and select 'Sign in';
(4) Log in to your account, then find 'My Account' and click on 'CFA Program';
(5) Select 'Register Now' to register an exam account;
(6) Select the exam window where individuals need to register, pay attention to the exam season and exam level that needs to be registered, and then click "Register";
(7) Fill in the information as required (note: all information marked with "*" is required);
(8) After completing the filling, click "Save and Continue" to proceed to the next step;
If you choose the first two, you need to fill in the school and graduation date;
If you choose the last one, you need to fill in company and industry related information.
(9) Confirm the registration fee, and then pay it. It is recommended that examiners use Alipay to pay.
2. The process of seat selection
(1) Re enter the official website of the CFA Institute and enter your personal CFA Institute account and password;
(2) Click on "My account" and then select "CFA Program" to enter the CFA exam interface;
(3) Click on 'Schedule Your Exam' and select the exam location and time that you need to make an appointment for;
(4) After completing the exam reservation, Purwin will also send an exam confirmation letter to the candidates, suggesting saving the numbers after the Conformation Number.
3. Special reminder for CFA seat appointment
① Appointment of the exam venue is mandatory, otherwise you cannot participate in the exam! There are different appointment deadlines for exam slots at different exam windows, and candidates need to complete the appointment before the corresponding scheduling deadline.
② The 'schedule your exam' link under the CFA Program module is the only effective way to complete the exam reservation. Please do not make appointments through other interfaces.
考期 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
2021年2月 44%
2021年5月 25% 40% 42%
2021年7月 22%
2021年8月 26% 29% 42%
2021年11月 27% 46% 43%
2022年2月 36% 44%
2022年5月 38% 49%
2022年8月 37% 40% 48%
2022年11月 36% 44%
2023年2月 38% 48%
2023年5月 39% 52%

三、 The association provides several tips for selecting exam locations and times:
1. To ensure that candidates can choose their preferred exam location, please make an appointment for the exam as soon as possible after completing the registration window. The exam seats are provided on a first come, first served basis.

2. Some cities show that all the seats have been selected, and the association will continue to increase the number of seats to cities with full capacity, if conditions permit. That is to say, there is still a possibility of increasing the number of seats in the areas that have already been selected.
3. When searching for a city, both the names of "city" and "country or region" must be entered in English characters, otherwise the reservation system may display "no results"; In addition to the city you have chosen, the results will also display the seats of other cities that are within an acceptable range but have a certain distance from your city;
Attention! Do not search solely by "country/region" as it may not provide you with any results.
4. Do not limit your date range search to a few days, it is recommended to select the entire exam window. The association cannot guarantee that every candidate can take the exam at their preferred time. Candidates can consider reserving a few more days to participate in the exam.
5. After the candidate completes the appointment, please try not to make any changes, otherwise other candidates may find it difficult to find a seat.
·Questions related to booking exam seats·
Machine test "seat reservation" is an important operation that every candidate needs to complete. The following are two important issues that must be paid attention to for seat reservation.
Can I still make changes after making an appointment for the exam?
After the candidate completes the appointment for the exam date, time, and location on their own, if they need to change the appointment information, they can log in to the CFA Institute account and make changes through the relevant link for exam seat appointments under the CFA Program module.
Special reminder:
1) A seat reservation change fee of $250 is required for candidates who voluntarily apply for a seat change.
2) To change the appointment for the exam, it is necessary to complete the operation before the corresponding rescheduling deadline.
3) The change of exam reservation only supports operations within the same exam window.
When making a reservation for an exam, clicking on it will prevent you from going to the exam reservation interface?
Candidates can send screenshots of relevant pages to CFA Institute customer service to explain the situation. They need to send an English email with their name and CFA Institute ID noted in the email. It is recommended to use the email registered during registration to send the email.

四、 What payment methods are supported for the 2024 CFA exam fees?
1. Alipay
2. ACH or wire transfer
3. Personal, corporate, or bank checks (i.e. certified checks, bank promissory notes)
4. Money orders or postal orders
5. Credit cards: Diners Club, American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, UnionPay, or Visa
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