People who have already worked can also apply for the CFA,as long as they meet the corresponding application conditions.If you are a undergraduate graduate,regardless of whether you work or not,you can apply for the CFA exam.If you are a college graduate,a 3-year college graduate with 1 year of full-time work experience can apply,while a 2-year college graduate with 2 years of full-time work experience can apply.If you have no education or graduated from high school,you can apply with 4 years of full-time work experience.
However,for those who have already worked,CFA level one is far from enough,at least they need to pass CFA level two.At the second level,you have basically learned asset valuation tools,financial analysis techniques,quantitative analysis,as well as macro and micro analysis in economics.At this time,your financial professional training is already very complete.This means that you can basically meet the requirements of financial institutions for professional investment technology,and the benefits for employment are still significant.
Can I take the CFA exam after work
When you have CFA certification,you have an advantage over others in terms of promotion and salary increase.At this point,you can be competent in work such as insurance,futures,securities,investment banking,etc.The CFA holder is a proof of practical ability.
Recognized work experience includes directly participating in the investment decision-making process or providing support for the investment decision-making process.
The name of the position itself cannot directly determine whether it is recognized by the CFA Association,mainly because the job content involved in daily work must be more than 50%related to investment decision-making in order to be recognized.If the job you are engaged in is outside of the positions listed below,but involves job responsibilities and investment decisions,it is also recognized to provide detailed work experience to the CFA Association.

Job Position List:

Compliance analyst/officer
Corporate chief financial officer
Corporate finance analyst
Client service representative or relationship
Derivatives analyst
Financial adviser
Financial journalist/editor
Institutional sales professional/business
development(buy and sell side)
Investment banking analyst
Investment consultant
Investment strategist
Investor relations
Mutual fund sales
Portfolio administrator
Portfolio manager
Private client investment adviser
Product/software developer
Quantitative investment or risk analyst
Real estate investment manager
Securities trader
Securities underwriter
Security/investment analyst
Supervisor of investment firm
Valuator of closely held business
Venture capital analyst