Have I successfully registered for the CFA exam?
After registering their account for the first time, candidates will receive an email from the association to activate their account.
When filling out the candidate registration information, the association will send a registration confirmation email.
After successful registration and payment, the association will send a confirmation letter indicating that the candidate's registration order has been successfully paid.
Subsequently, there will be a confirmation letter for the candidate's basic personal information, where the candidate can view some of their basic application information.
If the candidate chooses an electronic version of the textbook, they will receive a download notification email for the official electronic version of the textbook, including the download method.
Generally, candidates who choose electronic textbooks for the first time will receive these 5 emails.

What is the reason for successful CFA registration without deducting fees?

Usually, there will be some time difference (about 2-5 days, depending on the bank) when using foreign currency, because there is also a visa or mastercard in the middle, which will only be used to request payment from your bank. Therefore, sometimes credit cards may not see the deduction data so quickly.
If the registration is successful, the CFA Association will send an email stating that now your registration for CFA is complete!
Log in to the "CFA INSTITUTE official website", enter the "username" and "password" when registering, click on "Account Home" - "CFA Program" - "CFA Program Level I Registration" to view the registration result information; Click on "Order History" to view the successful payment record. There is detailed address information for the exam site on the printed admission ticket.