How to Pay CFA Exam Fees
How to Pay CFA Exam Fees
There are four payment methods for CFA exam registration:
① Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Dahai Card, JCB, and Discover
② Personal check, company check, or bank check (such as check, cashier's check)*
③ Money orders or postal orders (including Western Union remittance)*
④ Wire transfer or ACH (contact CFA Association for instructions)
⑤ Alipay payment.
These are the five payment methods supported by the CFA Association, and all fees must be paid in US dollars.
If you have not paid with a credit card online, you must use the "Print Invoice" option during the checkout process and submit the invoice with one of the accepted payment methods.
CFA candidates who complete the CFA registration exam themselves must pay the exam fee using an international credit card that can be paid online. It should be clarified here that it is not necessary to use a fixed bank credit card, as long as the card type of the credit card belongs to VISA, MASTER, JCB, or American Express, etc. CFA registration involves filling in credit card information, which includes the card number, the name of the cardholder (the filling format requires full spelling of the name, with no spaces in the middle), and the expiration date of the credit card. These three information are sufficient.
Some CFA candidates may find that they are unable to pay even though they already hold an international dual currency credit card, which may be due to two main reasons:
One is that the credit card has not activated the USD payment function; Another issue is that online payment has not been activated. Suggest candidates to call the credit card issuing bank and activate these two functions.
Can I use someone else's credit card for CFA registration?
You can use someone else's name. When registering for online payment for the CFA exam, you only need to provide the correct credit card number, cardholder name, and card validity period!
That is to say, if you use a different credit card, the information you fill out for registration should also be from someone else's card.