CFA members are divided into Charter Membership, Regular Membership, and Affiliated Membership.
Are CFA members CFA holders?
Charterer Membership: Members who have completed all three levels of CFA exams and are eligible for regular membership;
REGULAR MEMBERSHIP: An ordinary member who holds a bachelor's degree or meets the requirements of equivalent education and work experience, passes the CFA Level I exam or completes Self administered Standards of Practice, and has at least 4 years of relevant work experience in investment decision-making;
Member SHIP: refers to a member who agrees to comply with the regulations of the association, completes the submission of PCS, and submits an application to an affiliated member of the CFA China Association or other regional associations.
Affiliated member is not eligible to apply for CFA Charterholder. Candidates usually apply to become affiliated members first, and after meeting the requirements for work experience, they submit their application to become regular members. After meeting the requirements, they apply to become Charterholders.

Are CFA members CFA holders?

The category of CFA members includes CFA holders. The CFA is divided into three levels of exams. After passing the CFA Level 1 exam, you can join the CFA Association and become a CFA member. Passed the CFA Level 3 exam one by one, and passed the certification of work experience related to missing investments in the later stage. After submitting the application and being confirmed by the CFA Association, a chart will be given to you, making you a CFA holder. Of course, CFA holders must pay an annual membership fee, which means that CFA holders must all be CFA members. Those who add a suffix (Zhang San, CFA) after their name are all CFA holders. CFA members, CFA candidates, and those who have passed the Level 3 exam but lack professional experience and have not submitted an application are not eligible to add this suffix.
In fact, CFA formal members are different from affiliated members. Formal members are recommended CFA candidates with the purpose of applying to become CFA holders. To become a full member of the CFA Association, one must meet the following requirements:
1. Obtaining at least a bachelor's degree from a formal higher education institution, or having received equivalent undergraduate education or work experience in society;
2. Passed the CFA Level 1 exam or passed the CFA self-test standards of the association,
3. Have four years (48 months) of investment related work experience (refer to the advanced article);
4. Apply to join the CFA branch. Although the membership of the CFA branch is voluntary, the association strongly recommends applying to join;
5. Agree to abide by and sign the association membership agreement and the 'Professional Conduct Declaration';