What should CFA candidates pay attention to in the exam? Recently, a friend inquired about the question of a senior student. Today, the editor will provide a unified answer for everyone. Let's take a look together~
1、 Precautions for taking the CFA exam:
(1) Arrive on time
The CFA Association requires candidates to arrive at the examination venue at least 30 minutes in advance to cooperate with the staff's epidemic prevention work, identity recognition work, etc. If candidates are late for the CFA exam, the staff will not allow them to enter the examination venue to participate in the exam, and the CFA Association will not refund the registration fee paid by the candidates, and the candidates will be responsible for their own losses.
(2) Check items
To participate in the CFA exam, you need to bring the following items. It is recommended that candidates check in advance:
Valid international travel passport/resident ID card
The CFA examination hall implements identity recognition rules, and candidates who want to enter the examination hall must bring a valid international travel passport. The staff mainly checks the two aspects of the passport information carried by candidates:
On the one hand, it is required to compare the information filled in by candidates when registering, and ensure that the passport information is completely consistent with the information filled in during registration;
On the other hand, by comparing the photos on the passport and confirming whether it is the applicant who participated in the exam, candidates can only enter the examination room after being confirmed as the applicant.
Special note: CFA candidates in Chinese Mainland can also use their resident ID cards to register for the exam.
The CFA exam involves many calculation questions, and candidates can use calculators to assist in answering. The CFA Association allows candidates to use only two types of calculators: Texas Instruments BA II Plus and HP 12C, and other calculators within the two models can also be carried.
(3) Comply with instructions
The CFA exam room has established corresponding exam room rules, and candidates must comply with the exam room rules. In addition, candidates also need to cooperate with the requirements of the exam room staff. Only after the start answering bell rings can they proceed with the exam. Once the exam bell rings, candidates must immediately stop answering.

2、 What should I pay attention to before the CFA exam?
1. Go to the examination room early to check in
The editor often reminds everyone about this, but there are still careless candidates who may overlook it. But it should be noted that once you are late, you will not be able to enter the exam room and ultimately lose yourself. Therefore, the editor still suggests that everyone should fully arrange their arrival time at the examination venue, plan their travel routes, and arrive at the examination venue early.
2. Pay attention to daily routines
Good sleep quality can ensure the state of the exam the next day, so candidates should still pay attention to their sleep schedule the day before the exam. It is worth noting that one must not stay up all night to review and prepare for exams, as it will not only be ineffective but also affect one's mental state.
3. Pay attention to diet
In order to ensure that the exam is not affected by external factors, candidates also need to pay more attention to diet. In this regard, as long as candidates do not eat their own allergic or other heavily flavored or even moldy foods, there will generally be no major problems.

3、 Personal belongings carrying list for CFA exam:
On the day of the exam, the examination hall will provide a certain storage space for personal belongings that cannot be brought into the computer room for survival.
(1) Must be carried
The identity document used during registration: a valid international travel passport or resident identity card of the People's Republic of China. Candidates need to ensure that their documents have not expired on the day of the exam. Understand the relevant instructions for identity document policies and information verification, as well as other alternative documents that can be used.
(2) It is strongly recommended to carry it with you
Examination confirmation letter: Appointment Confirmation email sent by Prometric. This confirmation letter can facilitate candidates to accurately locate the corresponding exam room, and it is strongly recommended to carry it with them.
Can be brought into the exam room (but when not in use, it needs to be visible on the desktop):

4、Calculators allowed for CFA exams:
-Texas Instruments BA II Plus (including BA II Plus Professional)
-Hewlett Packard 12C (including the HP 12C Platinum, 12C Platinum 25th anniversary edition, 12C 30th anniversary edition, and HP 12C Prestige)
1. Original calculator casing, key card, and battery that can be disassembled for replacement
2. Glasses (excluding glasses case)
3. Other personal items allowed to be brought into the examination room (such as earplugs, eye drops, medical masks, etc.; please refer to the QR code below for details)
4. Passport or resident ID card of the People's Republic of China
5. Water
Attention: Candidates can bring water into the computer room. Water must be stored in a transparent container with a lid. The container must not carry any labels and needs to be inspected to confirm if there are note notes or other exam aids in the container. Candidates need to remove the lid of the container they carry for inspection by the examination center staff. No other beverages or food are allowed to be brought into the examination room.
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